Violence perception
Please take a moment to complete this survey in order to know your violence perception degree in [CITY NAME].

This survey will take aproximatelly 2 minutes.
1. Please, tell us how do you see crime problems in your city:
2. Has crime in your city changed in the last 3 years?
3. Please, tell us the security level you feel in your city
4. The police protection level in my city has...
5. Have you been a crime victim in your city in the last 3 years?
6. Have you bought a fire gun in order to protect yourself against crime?
7. Have you got a dog to protect yourself against crime?
8. Please, value your opinion on the crime increasement principal cause, being 1 the most improbable and 5 the most probable answer.
Mercy with sentenced criminals
Lack of education in young children
9. Which type of crimes are the most common in your city, the ones in private properties (like theft and vandalism) or violent ones (like assault and weapon robbery)?
10. Please, tell which do you think are the best ways to reduce crime in your city, being 1 the less efective ones and 5 the more efective.
Increase police presence
Legalize drugs
Increase the sentence for this crimes
Supervise young people activities
Restrict the hours for young people
The survey has finished.

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