Holiday/Travel planning
1.- Place selection
1. Which would be the 3 places you would choose for your holidays?
Option 1:
Option 2:
Option 3:
2. Please select the main reason/reasons for choosing your first option?
3. What activity/activities would you like to do once you are there?
4. How much time would you like to stay at your first option?
5. Which time of the year you would like to travel in?
6. With whom would you go?
7. What type of accommodation would you choose?
8. From the places you have already been to, please list those that you would recommend us
9. How much would you be ready to pay for one night of accommodation?
10. What would you like us to book in advance for your trip?
11. What type of transport would you choose?
12. Would please recommend us a travel agency?
13. If there is something we have forgotten to ask you and you would like to comment on, this is your space:
14. Please give us your name and contact details, in order to stay in contact:
Last name:
The survey has finished.

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